3 Tutorials that teach Gothic Architecture
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Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture

Author: Aleisha Olson

This lesson will introduce the Gothic period.

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  • Gothic

    An architectural style originating in France during the 12th century. Traits of Gothic include the use of the pointed arch, flying buttress, rib vault, and a general emphasis on space and verticality.

  • Scholasticism

    A form of theology and philosophy taught at universities during the Middle Ages based on Aristotelian logic.

  • Choir 

    Architecture, a part of the cruciform church east of the crossing.

  • Pseudo-Dionysus

    A Christian philosopher mystic and theologian during the late 5th century.

  • Pointed arch

    Also referred to as the ‘ogival arch’ a primary characteristic of Gothic architecture; also seen in Islamic architecture.

  • Rib vault

    Architecture, a vault supported by or decorated with diagonal ribs.