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Gotta Get Twitter!  Why and How...

Gotta Get Twitter! Why and How...

Author: Sara Schoepke

Teachers will:

  • see and learn why Twitter is a great tool for learning and for professional growth.
  • setup a Twitter account.
  • learn how to navigate the Twitter home screen.
  • begin following Twitter "people" or hashtags.
  • learn about Twitter chats.

This is a online tutorial to help teachers better understand the tool Twitter,  Twitter is one of those essential tools for your Personal Learning Network toolbox.  It takes a little time to find the good stuff, but once you do, the conversations are excellent for your learning and development.

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Getting Started with Twitter

To get started exploring Twitter, you have to start by setting up a Twitter account.  Here is some information to get you started.

Getting Started with Twitter

This video gives you step by step directions to set up a twitter account

How to Navigate The Twitter Home Screen

Navigating Twitter can be challenging if you don't understand the parts and the lingo of Twitter.  Please go to the Tech PD website for more information.

How to Navigate the Twitter Home Screen

Expand your Learning With Twitter Hashtags & Chats

Not only can you follow people in Twitter, but you can also follow topics or hashtags in Twitter.  Watch this tutorial to learn more.  


Another great layer to Twitter are the scheduled educational chats. Click here to access the list of scheduled chats, topics and day of week and times.

Twitter Hashtags & Chats