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Graded Reader

Graded Reader

Author: Erjon Saliasi

Making the students independent readers.

The students will be given certain guidelines (using plain text) as to how to read a chapter of "Great Expectations".

1. Define vocabulary using a dictionary.

2. Answer comprehension questions (the answers have to be written in the homework notebook)

3. The students will be using graphical novels when they come to class. They will be divided into groups that will have t o fill in the speech bubbles related to the chapter.

4. In case the students are too advanced and planned time is used up before the bell rings, the students will be given a topic to discuss. (In Chapter 1 the students will be introduced to Pip, who is an orphan. The topic to be discussed in class is "How do you think a person grows up with one or both parents absent in his/her life?" The topic is sensitive but no orphans are present in the classroom, and the students are 9 graders.

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Great Expectations, Chapter 1

This is Chapter 1

Before you come to class, make sure you read it and follow the guidelines below:

1. Go through the chapter only to see if there are new words. To help you with this, I have chosen some which you can define using a dictionary in case you don't know them. I suggest using them in sentences in case the definition is not enough for you to remember.









2. Now, it is time for some serious reading. You have to read to find the answer to the following questions:

1. Why did Pip go to the grave stone?

2. Who does he meet there?

3. Is anything bad going t o happen to Pip?

4. What does the stranger want Pip to do?

5. Do you think Pip did the right thing?

Source: Oxford bookwarms, Great Expectations

Great Expectations, Chapter 1

Here is a graphical resource that you will be using in the classroom. Make sure you understand it.


Source: file:///C:/Users/TOKG00/AppData/Local/Temp/WPDNSE/%7B0176012E-0172-0177-2201-310152013801%7D/GreatExpectationsOriginalTextPreview.pdf