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Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Author: Diane Wilkens

to understand the grading policy and the weight given to each of the grade's components.

to understand the policies regarding absences and cuts and how they will affect a grade.

to review some practices that will promote successful learning.

This tutorial contains a list of the components of a students grades and how they are weighed in calculation. It also explains the policy for absences and how to make up missed assignments or assessments in a timely manner. Finally some strategies for successful learning are listed with a video addressing some practices that will ensure success.

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Grading (per quarter)

•    50%   Unit Tests and Projects
•    35%   Quizzes
•    15%   Asignments / Homework Quizzes / Binder Check

•    You are responsible for getting and completing all  missed work.
•    Test make-ups will be given for legitimate absences only.
•    Test make-ups must be completed before the next test is scheduled.
•    If you are late to school, make-ups must be completed that same day after school. 

  • No make-ups will be given for a class cut.
  • If you arrive to class tardy without a excused pass you will receive a 20 minute classroom detention to be served that day.

Guidelines for Success
•    Have materials out and ready for the start of class.
•    Complete all assignments.
•    Actively participate in class.
•    Keep an organized and accurate notebook.
•    Make corrections on homework, quizzes and tests.
•    Show work clearly and neatly.
•    Get extra help after school. 
•    Use this website to download guided notes, keep informed about assignments, and access other helpful information.