Grammar: Appositives and Appositive Phrases

Grammar: Appositives and Appositive Phrases

Author: Lori Trice

The student, within a 30 minute timeframe, will: view the instructional video, complete the practice sentences, and create a paragraph using appositives and appositive phrases. The student will come to class prepared to share their creative writing paragraph.

Simple instructional video from Ms. Trice explaining appositives and appositive phrases. Students will practice, then, in their personal writing, students will add commas to existing sentences and creating compound sentences using appositives and appositive phrases.

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Instructional Video Explaining Appositives

In this video, the teacher provides explanation and instruction and examples using appositives.

Appositives Practice

Students will complete practice A and B - practicing the skills learned in the introductory video.

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Source: Prentice Hall Writing Coach All in One Workbook page 23

Writer's Notebook entry using creative writing and appositives.

Since you have practiced with someone else's appositives, in the previous exercise, now it is time to CREATE YOUR OWN!!!!

In your Writer's Notebook, create a story using at least 5 appositives. Underline each appositive in your story.


Here are some ideas of what you may choose to write about.

A princess and a prince

A fire breathing dragon who finds a home in a cave

High School drama - between: girl friends, boy friends

A personal experience of yours: what you are doing this weekend, what you did last weekend


That should get you started! Appositives are Awesome!

Bring your Writer's Notebook to class prepared to share your writing and your knowledge!


Source: Lori Trice, Guyer High School, English II teacher