Grammar Basics: Hyperboles

Grammar Basics: Hyperboles

Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet should review:

-Definition of hyperbole
-Examples of hyperbole
-Impact of hyperbole in writing
-Definition of figures of speech
-Definition of understatement
-Hyperbole vs. understatement

This learning packet explores the concept of hyperbole in a number of ways. Definitions, examples, review opportunities, and other basics are provided in a slide show format, which also provides information about related terms. Two multimedia clips are also provided which give information about hyperbole in an entertaining, memorable way. In fact, this is the most amazing, fantastic, fabulous learning packet in the entire world (see, that was an example of hyperbole)!

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Hyperbole: Definitions, Examples, and Review

This slide show offers definitions, examples, review, and opportunity for further practice of hyperbole in writing. All of the basics of hyperbole are covered, in addition to related terms including "understatement" and "figure of speech."

Source: See slide show for citation.

Hyperbole and Understatement

This video clip offers the etymology and some basic information and examples regarding hyperbole. The clip also discusses understatement, which is the opposite of hyperbole.

Source: YouTube

Hyperbole: Examples in Comedy

This entertaining comedy duo discusses hyperbole in a lighthearted, memorable way.

Source: YouTube