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Grammar Basics: Punctuation

Grammar Basics: Punctuation

Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet should review:

-Rules for end punctuation use: exclamation point, question mark, period
-Rules for parenthesis and bracket use
-Rules for quotation mark use
-Rules for comma and dash use
-Rules for colon and semi-colon use
-The connection between independent/dependent clauses and punctuation marks
-Other definitions and rules of use for new terms

This learning packet offers an informative slide show with definitions, examples, and opportunities for practice. Further, several helpful video clips are provided to offer clarification or further insight into the concepts introduced in the slide show. A link for further information about the various punctuation marks discussed is included. After reviewing this packet, students should be comfortable with several kinds of punctuation marks as well as a few key sentence-structure basics, including dependent and independent clauses. The information is provided in an engaging, user-friendly manner.

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Punctuation 101

This informative slide show offers definitions, examples, and opportunities for practice for a thorough list of common punctuation. For a basic review of punctuation overall, this is a great place to start. Though 40 slides may seem like a lot for a basic introduction, please keep in mind that the presentation covers nearly all of the punctuation covered in the objectives section, offering 2-3 informative slides for each concept. For a brief lesson on commas, which are not included in this presentation, please view the clip below.

Source: See slide show for citation.

How to Use Commas

This clip offers information about how to use commas, a topic which is not directly covered in the slide show presentation in this packet. This video clip is both engaging and informative, giving helpful tips and example sentences.

Source: YouTube

End Punctuation Basics: Periods, Exclamation Points, and Question Marks

This is a simple and entertaining introduction to end punctuation, including periods, exclamation points, and question marks. For a more detailed look at how to use each of these types of punctuation, see:


--Exclamation Points:

--Question Marks:

Source: YouTube

Dependent vs. Independent Clauses

Understanding the difference between a dependent clause and an independent clause is the first step to utilizing punctuation well. This video clip provides an introduction to dependent and independent clauses in an easy-to-follow manner.

Source: YouTube

For More Information

For more information about punctuation marks and how to use them, visit: