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Grammar Basics: Similes

Grammar Basics: Similes

Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet should review grammar basics such as:
-The definition of simile
-Several easy-to-remember examples of similes
-The definition of synonym
-Similes vs. synonyms
-How to recognize a simile
-The definition of figurative language
-Similes vs. metaphors (although metaphors are not discussed in detail in this packet)

This learning packet contains an informative and engaging slideshow as well as a number of examples of catchy similes from popular culture, including film and music. After learning about similes in this highly memorable way, you'll not only be humming tunes containing similes but you'll be proficient in creating your own original similes.

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Similes: Introduction, Examples, and Review

This is a comprehesive slide show offering definitions, examples, review items, and other information related to similes.

Source: See slide show for citation.

Simile School

A highly entertaining lesson in similes using real-world examples. Very funny and engaging.

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Similes in Songs and Movies

A collection of similes used in popular songs and films.

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Similes in Daily Speaking

This clip offers suggestions for incorporating similes into public speaking and everyday speech.

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BrainPop Similes!

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