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Grammar: Sentence Components

Grammar: Sentence Components

Author: Sara Gorsuch

This learning packet will define and identify these components of a sentence : noun, verb, adverb, adjective, article, pronoun, conjuction, preposition and interjection.

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In this packet you can come and brush up on your grammar! It includes a grammar song with lyrics, and a great powerpoint with definitions!

Co-Author: Nate Muckley!

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Sentence Components

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Lyrics to The Grammar Song!

Grammar,grammar, it is really cool.

Here are some rules that you learn in school.

Nouns are objects; a person, place or thing.

Verbs are actions like run or sing.

Adjective describe nouns.

Adverbs describe verbs. 

Both of them are descriptive words. 

Grammar, grammar, it is really cool.

Here are rules that you learn in school. 

Articles are words that mean one noun

Like AN apple or A funny clown.

Interjections: A word or phrase,

used for excitement, like WOW! or YAY! 

Grammar, grammar, it is really cool. 

Here are rules that you learn in school

Pronouns are words like it, he or she.

Him and her now don't you see?

If you need to describe where something is done,

use a preposition, like around or on. 

Grammar, grammar, it is really cool. 

Now we have just one more rule. 

Conjunctions bring things together 

they make sentences so much better. 

And, or, but are conjunctions.

Like singing OR dancing grammar AND fun.

Grammar, grammar it is really cool.

There are the rules that you learn in school.