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mod 1 dq 1
Pick a publicly traded company. Describe its competitive advantage using the resource-based model of above average returns.

mod 1 dq 2
What are vision and mission statements? What is their value for the strategic management process? Select an example of strong Vision/Mission (cite your source). What are its positive characteristics?
mod 2 dq 1
Compare Google with Facebook. In terms of the five forces of competition, do you feel these companies view one another as competitors? Why or why not?
mos 2 dq 2
Describe the elements of an organization's external environment. Why is it important to understand the external environment?
mod 3 dq 1
Why is it important to conduct a SWOT analysis? What are the weaknesses of a SWOT analysis? Why is that so?
mod 3 dq 2
Why is sustainable competitive advantage a critical strategy-making consideration?

mod 4 dq 1
How can you determine a core competency?
mod 4 dq 2
What is the relationship between capabilities and core competencies?
mod 5 dq 1
What are the different levels of diversification firms can pursue by using different corporate level strategies and what are the advantages to diversifying their operations?
mod 5 dq 2
What do you think are the criteria a firm should use to evaluate targets for acquisition and how should a company plan and undertake its merger acquisition strategic initiatives?
mod 6 dq 1
An international strategy can take many forms. Explain what a global strategy is and how is it different from a multi-domestic strategy. What are the traditional and emerging reasons/motives that firms expand internationally?

mod 6 dq 2
What are some of the special features of competing in foreign markets?
mod 7 dq 1
Discuss the role of organizational controls and explain their importance.
mod 7 dq 2
Why is it necessary to regularly evaluate business strategy?
mod 8 dq 1
What are the most effective leadership styles? Why are they effective? In your opinion, what are the least effective leadership styles? Explain.
mod 8 dq 2
Why are innovation and entrepreneurial spirit important to market entry or market expansion? Give examples.

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