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Graphing a Quadratic Equation

Graphing a Quadratic Equation

Author: Rachel Kaplan

For this learning packet, we want to become comfortable with the quadratic equation and will complete the following objectives:
-Identify the standard form of the quadratic equation
-Recognize what a quadratic equation looks like when graphed
-Graph a quadratic equation
-Locate the vertex and axis of symmetry, along with the max or min

This packet should give you a solid foundation on graphing quadratic equations and their many properties.

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Basics of Graphing Quadratics

How to begin graphing quadratic equations and how to identify the vertex, axis of symmetry, concavity, and minimum point.

Properties of Quadratic Graphs

Example of Graphing a Quadratic

A step by step procedure to graphing quadratic equations.

Examples to Graph on Your Own

Now take a look and see if you can graph these examples by yourself and prove you are truly a mastermind at graphing quadratic equations:

1. x2-x-6

2. x2-2x-8

3. x2-3x-4

4. x2-5x+6

Answers to Examples