Graphing in 4 Quadrants

Graphing in 4 Quadrants

Author: Staci Stephens
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Complete ADD # 5 Independently.

Here are light bulb questions:

1) Round these numbers to the nearest ten: 476; 85

2) How many inches is in half a yard?

3) Do the following chain of operations: 18 - 8 x 3 + 50 = ??


Go to this link to open a folder with the video for today: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_iJDEHbICRpb3hWblBKbF93Nzg&usp=sharing

You can re-watch the video, or pause and replay in certain spots if needed to make sure you understand everything.  

Remember that you will have to click the blue "Open" button in the bottom right hand corner. 

Notes: Foldable

Pick up a copy of the foldable.

Cut on the dotted lines.

Cut on the center lines and then fold on the edges to make a 4-door foldable. 

Foldable - Fill in the notes!

Watch this video to fill in the notes on the inside of your foldable. You can pause, rewatch, or replay any parts needed to make sure you understand and completed your notes.

Finish filling in notes on your foldable!

Watch one last video to complete the notes on the outside of your foldable. Again, you can pause, rewatch, or replay the video if needed.

Put Foldable into your Journal

Glue or tape the foldable into the next available page in your journal (I think it is 71).  Title the page "Graphing in 4 Quadrants" and be sure to add it to your table of contents.  

Graphing Activity

Choose ONE of the three pictures: This is a Blast, Slippin' and a Slidin', or Nail This Puzzle Down. 

You get ONE piece of graph paper.  If you mess up, use the back.  

Plot the ordered pairs of numbers on the graph in the order they are listed.  Connect the points as you go.  Start a new line after you see the words "Line Ends" 

I will be grading how accurately you plot the points. 

If you finish your picture you may color it using your own supplies or my supplies from the supply drawers.  Be sure to return the supplies when you are finished with them. 

Put away chromebook

Once you have started the graphing activity - you can turn in your chromebook.