Graphing in Kindergarten

Graphing in Kindergarten

Author: Jennifer Arnold

Understand what a graph is.

Understand how to read a graph.

Complete a graph.


 We will start by asking if anyone knows what a graph looks like?  Then, talk about why do we use graphs, and how to read the graph when complete.  Watch the short video on the monsters making a graph and discuss.  After discussing we will make graphs together.  The students will have a blank bar graph, I just drew one on the board and they had copies of one I drew as well, and 10 colored tiles (3 red, 6 blue and 1 yellow).  As a class we will talk about where to place the tiles on our graph and then our findings.  When we are finished we will discuss the quiz.  As an extended assessment, I will pass out more tiles randomly and have them make another bar graph and tell me which color now has more, less or the same.  

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