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Graphing in Science

Graphing in Science

Author: Jason Fritz

Learning Target: I can create/read/interpret bar and line graphs

MN Standard Determine and use appropriate safe procedures, tools, measurements, graphs and mathematical analyses to describe and investigate natural and designed systems in a physical science context.

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Use the video to write down your notes on "Creating a Graph for Science"
Part 1 of 3: Making a T-Chart.

2. GRAPHING NOTES: Making a Bar Graph

Use the video to write down your notes on "Creating a Graph for Science"
Part 2 of 3: Making a Bar Graph

3. GRAPHING NOTES: Making a Line Graph

Use the video to write down your notes on "Creating a Graph for Science"
Part 3 of 3: Making a Line Graph

Graphing Notes Outline

Outline Cornell sheet for notes on how to create a t-chart, bar graph, and line graph.


Click on the image to go to the "Create a Graph" website to create your own graph

Making and Reading Graphs

Pause and rewind when needed

Source: adapted from "Physics for You"

Identifying Misleading Graphs - Konst Math

This video explains how to identify a misleading graph.

Source: Bill Konst

Graphing Notes

Notes on how to create a t-chart, bar graph, and line graph.


Source: MrFritzScience

Lab: Clay Mass vs. Clay Volume

Lab introducing how manipulated variables effect their responding variables.


Source: MrFritzScience

Graphing Reminders


Source: Science with Mr. Jones

Finger Maze Link

Click here for link to Finger Maze tutorial for instructions, data sheets, and much more.

Source: MrFritzScience

Spongebob Scientific Method and Graphing Problems

SpongeBob and his Bikini Bottom pals have been busy doing a little research. Read the description for each experiment and answer the questions.


Graphing Review PowerPoint

Lab: Candle Burning Lab


Source: Mr.FritzScience

Lab: Measuring Reaction Time with "Sheep Dash"

Lab: Measuring Reaction


Graphing Worksheet (5 graphs)


Source: Science with Mr. Jones

Jacob's Experiment


Source: Science with Mr. Jones

Peter's Experiment


Source: Science with Mr. Jones

Diane's Experiment


Source: Science with Mr. Jones

Graphing Practice Problems

Each level increases in difficulty (level 1-4). Students are to complete 4 of the 7 graphs. Rubric is as follows:

Graph Score
Graph 5 _____/3
Graph 7 _____/3
Graph 8 _____/3
Graph 9 _____/3
Graph10 _____/3
Graph 4 _____/3
Graph 1 _____/3
Total Score _____/12


Graphing Quiz Review


Cyber Chase - Line Graph

Safari Montage Links

Click on the following links to watch videos on Safari Montage. You only have to sign into the website just like you would sign into a computer at school.

Data: Collection, Organization & Graphing

Graphs are essential tools used for displaying data, or information, in visual ways so that you can find the answer to most any kind of question! Observe real-world scenarios demonstrating the collection, organization and display of data through the use of surveys, frequency tables and graphs. From stem-and-leaf plots to histograms, see how each particular graphic organizer provides and categorizes data to meet particular needs. This program takes viewers on a real-world tour of data manipulation filled with circle graphs, scales, sampling techniques and more!

25 min 19 sec

Cyberchase: Line Graphs: Return to Sensible Flats

The kids use a line graph to figure out how Sensible Flats' reservoir ran dry in this episode of PBS Kids' award-winning, animated series. After the town runs out of water, the folks of Sensible Flats begin a mass exodus. When the kids and Digit arrive in town, they use line graphs to reveal the true story of what happened, with all lines leading to the newest resident of Sensible Flats, Hacker.

28 min 52 sec

Source: Safari Montage