Graphing in Science

Graphing in Science

Author: deirdre carney


Students know tables, charts, illustrations and graphs can be used in making arguments and claims in oral and written presentations. E/S

♦  Given a choice of several graphs, select the one most appropriate to display a collection of data or to illustrate a concept or conclusion.

♦  Interpret a graph, table, or chart and analyze the data display to reveal information.

♦  Predict (extrapolate and interpolate) from a data display. (See also P.12.B.1.)

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Reviewing types of graphs & interpreting data

Visit: http://staff.tuhsd.k12.az.us/gfoster/standard/bgraph2.htm

1. Read information about LINE GRAPHS
2. You may be asked to complete some of the graphing problems
3. Answer questions #1-10 PRACTICING INTERPRETING DATA

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