Graphing Linear Inequalities

Graphing Linear Inequalities

Author: Aaron Nunley

The student will graph a linear inequality by using a table, slope intercept, or x- and y- intercept.  This video emphasizes the "half-plane" concept and discusses how graphing the linear equation separates the coordinate plane into a greater than, equal two, and less than section.  Also addressed is the significance of the dotted/solid line and conceptual importance of shading completely.

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Graphing Quadratic Inequalities

This video explains how to graph linear inequalities. Mr. Nunley begins with a review of graphing linear equations using Slope-Intercept and X/Y Intercepts. He the discusses how a boundary line divides the coordinate plane into two half-planes representing values "greater than" and "less than". Special emphasis is given to the use of test points and the difference between solid and dotted lines.

Source: Aaron Nunley