Graphing Quadratic Functions

Graphing Quadratic Functions

Author: chris ludbrook


1.  Describe a quadratic function.
2.  Graph a quadrdatic function from a variety of equations.
3.  Write a quadratic function from a graph.

In this unit, you will develop a thorough understanding of quadratics by exploring them graphically and algebraically.  We will begin with an examination of graphing quadratic functions.

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Intro Vocab

Graphing Quadratic Functions

This screencast will introduce you to quadratics and the graphing of a quadratic function that is in standard form.

Graphing Quadratic Functions #2

Looking for a different explanation? Try this!

Source: Khan Academy

More Graphing Tips

We have spent a little time discussing information associated with graphing quadratics like being able to identify the vertex and the y-intercept.  Here are a few highlights from those conversations that may be a nice reference for you.


Standard Form for a Quadratic Function:



Vertex Form of The Quadratic