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Graphing Rational Functions in the form of y = a/(x - h) + k

Graphing Rational Functions in the form of y = a/(x - h) + k

Author: Dan Bowler

1. To review some vocabulary associated with hyperbolas

2. To learn to graph a hyperbola using its asymptotes as a guide.

This lesson uses a video to demonstrate how to graph a hyperbola which is centered at some point other than the origin. It then provides two practice problems so that students can check their understanding of the concept.

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New Vocabulary

hyperbola:    the name given to the graph of a rational function of the form

                      y = a/(x - h) + k

branch:        each of the two separate curves that make up a hyperbola

asymptote:  a line that a curve approaches very closely as either x or y gets very                                      large but does not ever reach

Graphing hyperbolas

This video gives step by step instructions for graphing a hyperbola.

Examples to Try!

Graph each hyperbola and then check your answers on the following pages.





After you've tried the two problems above check the

solutions shown below.



Answer #2

Answer #1