Graphing Square Root Function

Graphing Square Root Function

Author: Kendra Wheeler

Graphing square root functions by making a table of values.
Identifying domain and range of square root functions

A collection of videos and real life examples on graphing square roots.
Terms and concepts that will help you understand graphing square roots.

Co-author: Laura Kniffin

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Terms and concepts used throughout this learning packet

Radical expression: Is an expression that contains a radical, such as a square root, cube root, or other root.

Radical Fraction: Contains a radical expression with the independent variable in the radicand. Example -- y= cubed square root 2x  and (y = square root of x + 2) are readical functions.

Square Root Function: When a radical is a square root

The most basic square root function in the family of all square root functions called the Parent Square Root Function.

The Parent Square Root Function is:  y= square root of x

Steps to graphing a square root function

examples of graphing square root functions

How to do a "real life example"

Examples To Try On Your Own

1.) y = sqrt(x) + 1

2.) y = sqrt(x) + 5

3.) Ocean waves can be shallow water, intermediate depth, or deep waters waves. The speed s (in meters per second) of a shallow water wave can be modeled by the function s = 3.13 sqrt(d) where d is the depth (in meters) of the water over which the wave is traveling.

          a.) Graph the finction and identify its domain and range.

          b.) A tsunami is a type of shallow water wave. Suppose a tsunami has a speed of 200 meters per      second. Over approximately what depth of water is the tsunami traveling?

Answers to Examples

Extra Help on Graphing Square Root Functions

A video from Khan Academy explaining graphing square root functions