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Graphing Using Intercepts

Graphing Using Intercepts

Author: Kendra Wheeler

Find the x- and y-intercepts of a linear function.
Graph a linear function using the x- and y-intercepts.

Examples on how to graph using x and y intercepts and being able to find the x and y intercepts.

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Terms used during this learning packet.

X- intercepts: where the line crosses the x-axis or when the y- coordinate is equal to zero.

Y- intercepts: where the line crosses the y-axis or when the x- coordinate is equal to zero.

The word "intercept" looks like the word "intersect". Think where does the graph intersect the x-axis or y-axis.

A line is defined by 2 points.

Steps for graphing intercepts

Examples of graphing using intercepts

Here are two exampls where we are going to graph using the x and y intercepts. You can try these on your own and then watch the video to see if you did them correct or you can just follow along!