Greater Than,Less Than, and Equal To

Greater Than,Less Than, and Equal To

Author: Shina Tiller
  • Learn terms and signs for greater than, less than, and equal to.


  • Count groups of objects to determine which group has more, less, or equal value.


  • Create sets with more, less, or equal.


  • Identify numbers 0-120 and determine  greater, less, or equal to. 

Students will be given an audio overview of the lesson. Then they must view two learning videos. I've also linked a game that will assist in the learning process. Next they must summarize what they learned by writing down three problems that must include less than, greater than, and equal to. Finally, students must think of any questions they may have for class.  

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Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal To Audio

Lesson overview and directions

Umigo video that gives visuals explaining less than, greater than , and equal to.

Source: www.youtube.com

Learn about the "Crocodile Mouth" Mathematical signs with Mondiso! Mondiso is an award-winning math universe, where animated characters (using real voice actors) take kids through their learning journey! Visit http://mondiso.com for fun activities from this Mondiso Youtube Classroom lesson, and download.

Source: youtube.com

Greater Alligator Song

Greater than, less than, equal to video.

Source: you.tube.com