Greek Gods 1

Greek Gods 1

Author: Taejin Chun

Explain the importance of Greek Mythology in ancient Greek culture.

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Day 1

  • Students will first watch a You Tube video about Greek Gods and Goddesses.  The video will be projected onto a screen 
  • After watching the video, the class will discuss and collaborate on which Greek God or Goddess they would like to research and report on.
  • Once they decide on their Greek God or Goddess, each table group will spend the remaining time brainstorming on thoughts and prior knowledge about their god or goddess.

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Day 2

  • Since there are 25 students that are in 5 groups of 5 and only 1 computer, I will create 5 stations allowing each group to spend 8 minutes at each station with the last 10 minutes set aside for final touches to their project.
  • Table 1:Computer, Table 2:Textbook, Table 3:Other text source, Table 4:Mind Mapping Brainstorming Ideas from Previous Day, and Table 5:Drawing Representative pictures.
  • The last 10 minutes will be spent bringing their research, pictures, and ideas together to create a poster about their Greek God or Goddess.

Day 3

  • The class will spend the first 10 minutes finishing up their final touches for their projects.
  • Each table group will then present their projects to the class.