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4 Tutorials that teach Greek Temples
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Greek Temples

Greek Temples

Author: Aleisha Olson
Recognize key architectural features of Greek temples.
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This lesson explores some of the main architectural features of ancient Greek temples, and discusses the different types of columns.


Image of Plan of Temple of Poseidon at Paestum, Italy, Public Domain,; Image of Doric Column and Frieze, Public Domain,; Image of Ionic Column, Public Domain,; Image of Corinthian Column and Frieze, Public Domain,; Image of Temple of Hera I at Paestum, Creative Commons,; Image of Temple of Zeus at Olympia, Photo by Ed Siasoco, Creative Commons,; Image of Reconstruction of Temple of Zeus in Olympia, Public Domain,; Image of Temple of Hera II at Paestum, Creative Commons,; Image of Warrior from East Pediment of Temple of Aphaia, Photo by J. M. Harrington, Creative Commons,; Image of Warrior from West Pediment of Temple of Aphaia, Public Domain,

Terms to Know

The top of a column.

Doric Order

The simplest and oldest style of Greek column, marked by an undecorated capital.


The upper section of a classical Greek temple that rests on the columns.


A slight bulging, most commonly associated with the Parthenon, that is meant to offset the optical illusion of sagging of perfectly straight lines, particularly along the entablature.

Peripteral Temple

A type of ancient Greek or Roman temple surrounded by a row of columns.


An architectural space, such as a court, that is surrounded by columns.


The main body of a column, in ancient Greece, it was usually fluted, or marked with vertical ridges.