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4 Tutorials that teach Greek Vase Painting
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Greek Vase Painting

Greek Vase Painting

Author: Aleisha Olson
Compare and contrast types of Greek vase paintings based on their stylistic elements.
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Image of Geometric Krater from the Dipylon Cemetery, Creative Commons,; Image of Olpe from Corinth, Public Domain,; Image of Amphora with Ajax and Achilles, Public Domain,; Image of Kylix with Procession of Male Couples, Public Domain,


Terms to Know

Period of Greek art, it literally means “old-fashioned” and refers to depictions of the human figure from this period that are stiff and unnatural in appearance.

Black Figure

A type of ancient Greek ceramic painting involving painting black figures on a red background.


A style of Greek vase painting, characterized by an emphasis on geometric shapes.


A style of Greek ceramic painting influenced by the ancient near east and characterized by floral and animal motifs.

Red Figure

A type of ancient Greek ceramic painting involving painting red figures on a black background.