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Gross Anatomy of the Femur

Gross Anatomy of the Femur

Author: Aaron Mullally

- Know that the femur is the bone of the thigh

- Know where the femur is and its major landmarks (fovea capitis, head, neck, greater and lesser trochanters, linea aspera, epicondyles, condyles)

This packet covers the gross anatomy of the femur

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The femur is the bone of the thigh, not the leg. This is the largest bone in the body in terms of overall size and weight. It has bony landmarks that are unique only to it, on the proximal end, called trochanters. Always remember that the ead and neck of the femur face medially; this should help if you ever get confused about direction.

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Gross Anatomy of the Femur

The first part of the video covers the gross anatomy of the femur

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Femur Images

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