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Gross Anatomy of the Leg

Gross Anatomy of the Leg

Author: Aaron Mullally

- know the difference between the thigh and leg

- know the bones of the leg (tibia, figula)

- know the landmarks of the tibia

-  know the landmarks of the fibula

- know that the fibula is a non weight bearing bone in the leg

This packet covers the bony anatomy of the leg

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The leg consists of two bones, the tibia and fibula. One way to tell these two apart is by looking at their size, the tibia is much larger. Also, you have to be aware of their location while in anatomic position. The tibia is the medial bone while the fibula is the lateral bone of the leg. Another important fact to be aware of is that the fibula does no articulate with the femur at the knee, that is all tibia and femur (tibiofemoral joint).

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Gross Anatomy of the Leg

The second part of this video covers anatomy of the leg.

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Tibia and Fibula Images

Here are images of the tibia and fibula. Treat these as the analogue to the bones of the forearm

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