Gross Anatomy of the Pectoral Girdle

Gross Anatomy of the Pectoral Girdle

Author: Aaron Mullally

- know what a girdle is

- know what bone attaches to the pectoral girdle and what joint is formed as a result

- know what the bones of the pectoral girdle are (clavicle and scapula)

- know the difference between the sternal and acromial ends of the clavicel are

- know the various landmarks of the scapula

- make sure you orient yourself properly with the scapula for identification purposes

This packet covers the anatomy of the pectoral girdle and the bones that form it.

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The pectoral girdle serves as the point of attachment for the upper limbs. It is comprised of two bones, the clavicle and scapula. The bone that articulates with the pectoral girdle is called the humerus. When these two join together this forms the glenohumeral joint. It is imperative you are not only able to identify the clavicles, scapulae, and their landmarks but that you get your orientation correct. Making a simple mistake such as not knowing the difference between anterior and posterior on the scapula can cost you a lot not only on a test but in medicine overall.

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Gross Anatomy of the Pectoral Girdle

This video goes over the gross anatomy of the pectoral girdle and humerus.

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Pectoral Girdle Images

Here are images of the pectoral girdle to study

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