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Gross Anatomy of the Skull

Gross Anatomy of the Skull

Author: Aaron Mullally

- know what the cranium is

- identify the following sutures: coronal, sagittal, lambdoid

- know what the facial region is

- know how many bones make up the cranial vault

- identify the bones of the roof of the cranial vault

- identify the bones of the floor of the cranial vault

- identify the various facial bones and their landmarks

This packet will show you the various bones of the skull and their landmarks. I don't focus on every single landmark but I do cover the ones that you will be dealing with the most.

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Bear in mind that skull is divided into two regions, the cranial and facial regions. The cranial region forms what's called the cranial vault; which is the home for the brain. The facial bones form the structure of our face and serve as attachment points for muscles of facial expression and mastication (chewing). All bones of the skull, except the mandible, are immovable and held together by sutures.

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The Skull

This video shows you the various landmarks of the skull

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Skull Images

Here are images of the skull to look at

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