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4 Tutorials that teach Group Cohesion: Keeping It All Together
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Group Cohesion: Keeping It All Together

Group Cohesion: Keeping It All Together

Author: Craig Coletta

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand the concept of group cohesiveness and the factors which increase or decrease group cohesion.

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Terms to Know

The perception that one's group members are potential sources of reward or gain.

Entry Difficulty

Perception that one's group is exclusive, requiring particular positive characteristics for entry or membership.

Group Cohesiveness

The tendency of a group to remain together (feeling similarity and affective bonds) over time.

Group Success

Instances when collaboration between group members leads to shared interests being met.


The tendency of a principle or belief to become more strongly held after evidence that holding the belief leads to a positive gain.

Sense of Belonging

Perception that one is safe, comfortable, and valued by members of one's group.


Collaborative effort to achieve shared goals with others perceived as being members of one's group.