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Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics


Create a group project over the remaining weeks of the course that will be creative, give back to the community, enhance the reputation of the school, and make the group members feel proud to have been a part of the creation.

  1.  Determine what group project will be created by the group

  2.  Utilize the technique of Brainstorming to facilitate suggestions 

  3.  Consider a wide variety of projects and methods:  vimeo or poptent contests, a crowd funding exercise, the development of material for another class or teacher, an infomercial to assist others with information about an area, something to help a business or organization within the community, a fundraiser, a volunteer effort, etc.


At the end of this exercise the group will create several ideas utilizing the technique of Brainstorming to facilitate the development of those ideas for the purpose of making a group project that benefits others, enhances the reputation of the school, and makes the members in the group feel proud to have been part of the creation.

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ITT Tech A-Haul Alcohol Delivery Company

This is a fun video done by students at ITT tech. It shows excessive alcohol use, sexual innuendo, and vulgar language.

Back to the Roots-Ted Talk

This video shows the development of a company designed to be sustainable following a group project on business for school. The presenters focus on ideals, community, creation of a product, and using resources in a responsible manner.

Brainstorming, the technique

Creative ideas about brainstorming

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For Class

Think about projects you might be interested in pursuing with the group

Think about areas you are passionate about

You will have post-it notes available for ideas in class

Look at Vineo, Poptent and other Contest sites for ideas

Look at Crowd funding sites like and