GSCM 206 Week 8 Final Exam

GSCM 206 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 7) A product's life cycle is divided into four stages, which are _____.
2. (TCO 8) A job shop is an example of a(n) _____.
3. (TCO 1) The basic function(s) of a firm is/are _____.
4. (TCO 11) Which of the following is an advantage of drop shipping?
5. (TCO 2) Which of the following is an example of competing on quick response?
6. (TCO 2) Which of the following is not an operations strategy?
7. (TCO 2) Which are the reasons for a firm to internationalize operations?
8. (TCO 3) Which of the following is NOT a step for developing benchmarks?
9. (TCO 3) The use of information technology to monitor and control a physical process is known as _____.
10. (TCO 6) Products designed in easily segmented components are known as _____.

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