GSCM 520 Final Exam

GSCM 520 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


Question 1.1. (TCOs 1 and 2) Current issues in OSCM do not include
(Points : 4)
coordinating relationships between organizations.
making senior management aware that OSCM can be a competitive weapon.
the triple bottom line.
managing customer touch points.
increasing global supply chain employment.
Question 2.2. (TCO 1) Which of the following is not a characteristic that distinguishes services from goods? (Points : 4)
Service jobs are unskilled.
A service is intangible.
Services are perishable.
Services are heterogeneous.
None of the above
(TCO 5) Which of the following are used to describe the degree of error? (Points : 4)
Weighted moving average
Moving average
Forecast as a percent of actual
Mean absolute deviation
Question 4.4. (TCO 5) The way to build in greater flexibility in your workers is to do which of the following? (Points : 4)
Pay higher wages to motivate a willingness to do a variety to tasks.
Provide a broader range of training.
Provide a wide variety of technology to augment workers skills.
Institute a "pay for skills" program.
Use part-time employees with specialized skills as needed.
Question 5.5. (TCO 6) Applicants for the Baldrige Award for total quality management must submit an application of up to 50 pages that details the processes and results of their activities under seven major categories. Which of the following is one of those categories? (Points : 4)

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