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Guide to Being College Ready

Guide to Being College Ready

Author: Geonna Solari


  • A:B2.7 Identify post-secondary options consistent with interests, achievement, aptitude and abilities
  • B-FS 4. Apply legal and ethical principles of the school counseling profession
  • B-SS 2. Facilitate individual student planning
  • B-SS 6. Collaborate with families, teachers, administrators and education stakeholders for student achievement and success
  • B-SMS 5. Demonstrate perseverance to achieve long- and short-term goals


  • Students will examine a variety of requirements in order to be eligible to go straight to a four year college.
  • Students will know where they can find more information for help on applying for financial aid. 
  • Students will know all CSU and UC options that they can apply to. 

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Students please start by looking over the Graduation (A-G) Requirements to make sure you on track to graduate and eligible to apply to a four year university. Then view the required tests to attend a CSU or UC. After you have viewed those two attachments, watch the video on applying for FASFA. Many of you will want to apply for grants, loans, or work-study funds and this video will explain how to do so. Please then view the map of all CSU and UC options and start thinking about where you might be interested in applying to. You can do further research on the schools and courses that each offers. Please finish my taking the three question quiz and the google form Big Question open response questions. 

Graduation (A-G) Requirements

Standardized Aptitude Tests

Financial Aid Process

CSU and UC options

College Readiness Big Question