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GuideWire Claim Center Online Training

GuideWire Claim Center Online Training

Author: Subha Glory

Glory IT Technologies is Offering GuideWire Claim Center Online Training and Job Support Services with Real Time Experts. Our Trainers are Well Experienced and Highly talented In their Respective Field.  

                               Guidewire ClaimCenter is a claims management system that supports all lines of personal, commercial, and workers compensation insurance. ClaimCenter enables end-to-end claims lifecycle management, including in Intuitive loss-report intake, Advanced adjudication processes, Tracking of all required claims-related financial data.

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The Claim File

The ClaimCenter data model

The claim file

Claims Process and Intro to Intake

Claims processing - business perspective

Claims processing - functional perspective

The claim intake process

Automated claim setup

New claim validation

ClaimCenter Demo

Demonstration of ClaimCenter functionality

Introduction to ClaimCenter Configuration

ClaimCenter data model

ClaimCenter user interface

ClaimCenter rules

Importing data into ClaimCenter

Configuring Location Groups

Location group basics

Location group configuration

Page configuration

Configuring Wizards

Wizard basics

Wizard configuration

Wizard step configuration

Configuring Claim Setup

Claim setup basics

Presetup rules

Segmentation rules

Workplan rules

Exposure and activity setup

Configuring LOB Typelists

Line of business model

The LOB typelists

The LOB editor

LOB model configuration

Configuring LOB User Interface

LOB model and the user interface

Configuring exposure types

Configuring new exposure menu behavior

Configuring Validation Rules

Types of validation

Validation rule basics

Validation rules in the user interface

Warnings and errors

Identifying invalid fields

Configuring Permissions

ClaimCenter security functionality

Checking system permissions in Gosu

Creating system permissions

Application permission keys

Contact Roles

Contact roles

Categorizing contact

Contact role configuration

Contact role type constraints

Entity role constraints

ClaimContact Widgets

ClaimContact widget basics

Configuring ClaimContact widgets

Intro to Transaction Rules

Transaction basics

Transaction data model

Transactions and Gosu

The Financial Calculations Library

Configuring Transaction Validation Rules

Transaction and check life cycles

Transaction validation basics

Transaction validation rules

Configuring Transaction Approval Rules

Transaction approval basics

Authority limits

Transaction approval rules

Approval routing rule