Gutenberg Printing Press

Gutenberg Printing Press

Author: Matt Miller

For students to gain a better understanding of the Gutenberg Printing Press and how it was a major invention that shaped the entire world. 

The students will read a pdf and watch a video for the students to gain background knowledge on the printing press. The pdf is in the form of a primary source type reading from Inspired Educators. The video is of a "museum" type setting with a demonstration of the printing press. The students will then create their own precept/quote to simulate an early printing press. The students will end by filling out questions and comparing/contrasting a printing press to a modern day computer/tablet. 

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Gutenberg Printing Press Reading

Full Screen

Source: InspirEd Educators

Printing Press Demonstration

ProjectK Links, Info, and Questions

Here's the link to the Google Doc Assignment https://docs.google.com/document/d/11WQ92_iD7MQtO5laVyC5gx6gZG1EyGuucFUf3_Ekh_I/edit?usp=sharing


The Gutenberg Printing Press Activity


  1. Read This Before class

  2. Watch This Before class


In-Class Activities

  1. Take your favorite quote or precept of all time -

    1. A precept is a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought

  2. Find letters in newspapers/magazines to make your quote. Capitals must be capitals. Lower case must be lower case, and so on.  Glue your letters to the sheet of paper to make your quote. Your name (handwritten) must be on the back.


Questions to answer after “printing” your quote.

  1. The movable type printing press operator had to place each letter individually to make a book or sentence. Based on what you “printed” today, what were some of the disadvantages of this process?


  1. What positives stemmed from the invention of the printing press? You might need to do a little research on your own.


  1. On the left side of your notebook, compare and contrast using a printing press of long ago to using a computer today.  


  1. What improvements have been made since then?