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HA2 S3.2 Substitution Method

HA2 S3.2 Substitution Method

Author: Renee Voltin
  • Students will apply the SUBSTITUTION METHOD to solve a system of equations (2 variables - 2 equations... if there were 3 variables we would need 3 equations, etc.).
  • Students will determine whether there is one solution (and what that solution is), infinitely many solutions, or no solutions to a system of equations.

Included in this packet are several short videos - each showing an example of the application of the substitution method.  Each subsequent example will involve a few additional steps from the previous example in order to solve the system of linear equations.

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Background info

You've solved linear equations, now you'll use many of those techniques to solve a SYSTEM of equations.  This lesson will focus only on solving systems of LINEAR EQUATIONS, but the substitution method could be used for solving a system of equations with equations from a variety of 'families'.

Substitution Method - Example 1

Substitution Method - Example 2

Substitution Method - Example 3