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HA2 S3.5 System w/ 3 variables

HA2 S3.5 System w/ 3 variables

Author: Renee Voltin

3 variables - 3 equations

solve the system using elimination of one variable to create a new system of 2 equations with 2 variables which will be solved using the elimination or substitution method. The solution of the 2-variable system will be used to determine the value of the 3rd and final variable from the 3-variable system.

looking at special cases for 3 equation systems and the physical model of the 3 planes in space.

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Section 3.5 Example 1

Section 3-5 Example 2

special situation where one of the equations is set up to use the substitution method as a beginning step.

Section 3-5 Example 3

This system of 3 equations has a twist to the final answer that will require some analysis regarding the solution of the system.

Section 3-5 example 4