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Haiku Poetry

Haiku Poetry

Author: Patti McCurdy

Students will learn to write Haiku in English using the traditional Japanese form of 17 syllables.

In the context of a postcard exchange with a school in Tokyo, my Montreal students are writing and reciting poetry to their "future friends."  We will soon send them our productions of English Haiku to show them our appreciation of their culture.   We will write about Canadian nature themes in order to share our geography and our feelings about our country with students halfway across the globe.

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Japan-Canada Exchanges

Online questionnaire created on Google. Please take a few minutes (approximately 15) to fill out the form. You can then go and consult the results immediately.

Haiku Japanese Poetry

To learn the Haiku form and create English Haiku to share with a school in Tokyo. We started a postcard exchange a year ago and are now exchanging digital files of our productions such as this one.

Apple Blossoms

Use this image to write your Haiku on three apple blossom petals.  Save to remise de travaux or print it out.  We will send these to Japan for their apple tree.  They are sending us cherry blossom haikus too!

Haiku Japanese Poetry

Here is a pdf version of the online slideshow to help you with the quiz and in writing your Haiku.