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Hamlet, King of Denmark

Hamlet, King of Denmark


To be able to identify the main themes and characters in Shakespeare's play Hamlet

Hamlet was the prince of Denmark whose uncle usurped the throne corruptly. The play is the longest Shakespeare ever wrote and centers around Hamlet avenging his father's death. 

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Kenneth Branagh's "To Be or Not To Be"

the famous speech of Hamlet's indecision as interpreted by Kenneth Branagh

Source: YouTube

To Be Speeches

Above, one actor's interpretation of the most famous speech in Hamlet. Below, another. Are there differences? Which one is more "authentic?" Is there a more "authentic" one? 

David Tennant's "To Be or Not To Be" speech

The same famous speech as above, but in Tennant's more modern interpretation.

Source: YouTube

Discussion Questions

Please write/type the answers and submit them to me via email.


1. Why is this speech so famous? How does it relate to the rest of the play?

2. Which interpretation do you like better? Why or why not?

3. Who is Ophelia, who appears at the end of the speech? Why is she important?