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HCS 548 WEEK 6 Alternate Living Environments: Part Two

HCS 548 WEEK 6 Alternate Living Environments: Part Two

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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HCS 548 WEEK 6 Alternate Living Environments: Part Two


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HCS 548 WEEK 6 Alternate Living Environments: Part Two

HCS 548 WEEK 6 Alternate Living Environments: Part Two

During Part One of the Alternate Living Environments assignment, your team selected an alternative living facility in your community and presented an overview of that facility. The assignment for Week Six provides your team with the opportunity to learn more about that facility.

Conduct an interview with an administrator from the chosen facility. You can use the following, or similar, questions for the interview:

Is there a waiting list for your facility?

How are new demographics affecting your facility?

What marketing methods do you use to promote your facility?

Who is the primary payer source–out-of-pocket or private pay, insurance coverage, Medicare, or Medicaid?

Are there any personal or nursing care services available in your living environment?

What is the staff or organizational structure that supports the services available in your facility?

Are there any special amenities, such as a barber, beauty shop, or ice cream parlor?

If there are no special services on site, is transportation provided to nearby service facilities?

What recreational opportunities are available? Provide a list of opportunities.

What technological issues or challenges are present at the facility?

How do you anticipate health care reform will affect your facility?

How will medicine and health related services that increase the longevity of the aging population have an impact on your facility?

What improvements would you, the administrator, like to make to the facility in the future?

Is there any current research in the field or study of gerontology that might affect the future planning for your facility, perhaps related to demographic data, health, and well-being?

Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation outlining the major takeaways from your interview.

Include a copy of your questions and responses with your presentation. These can be included in the speaker notes or in a separate document.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your team’s assignment.

HCS 548 WEEK 6 Alternate Living Environments: Part Two