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Healthcare Delivery Systems and Occupations

Healthcare Delivery Systems and Occupations

Author: Kathy Girard

After completing this module, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the basic components of the health care delivery system.
  • Identify common methods of payment of healthcare services
  • Describe the various types of health care providers and the available range of services.
  • Recognize the composition and functions of a health care team.
  • Define the general roles and functions of a health care team.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the individual members of the health care team.
  • Explain the cause and effects of factors that influence the current delivery system.
  • Explain the impact of emerging issues including technology, epidemiology, bioethics and socioeconomics on healthcare delivery systems.

This tutorial will discuss the healthcare delivery system as to who and what it is, the agencies that regulate how healthcare is given and the different healthcare occupations.

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Health Care Delivery Systems

This video describes the different health care delivery systems and gives examples of local providers

Source: LTC Healthcore and Kathy Girard

Delivery Sytems and Occupations

PDF of PP that discusses the different types of facilities that provide healthcare and the different occupations that work in healthcare.


Source: LTC Health Core

Regulatory Agencies

A summary of the most prominent regulatory agencies in healthcare.


Source: LTC Healthcore and Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care

Why OSHA Was Created

In the two years preceding OSHA's enactment, 14,000 workers died each year from workplace hazards, and another 2 million were disabled or harmed. Additionally, the "chemical revolution" following WWII introduced a vast array of new chemical compounds to the manufacturing environment. The health effects of these chemicals were poorly understood, and workers received few protections against prolonged or high levels of exposure. While a few states, such as California and New York, had enacted workplace safety as well as workplace health legislation, most states had not changed their workplace protection laws since the turn of the century. The OSHA act went into effect on April 28, 1971 (now celebrated as Workers' Memorial Day). This clip is from the 1980 film, OSHA. That entire film is posted to this YouTube channel.

Source: YouTube

Quiz - Why OSHA Was Created

This is a short quiz over the video above

Source: LTC Healthcore, Kathy Girard

Lesson 1 Assignment 1 - OSHA

Go to the OSHA website at Use the A-Z index to find a topic of interest to you. Read information about the topic. Write a summary of the information in less than 100 words and include why this topic was of interest to you.. This assignment is graded:
  * Why this topic was of interest = 2 points
  * Content summary of topic = 6 points
  * 100 words or less = 2 points

Source: LTC Healthcore


A summary of what JCAHO is

Source: YouTube Education

Lesson 1 Assignment 2 - JCAHO

Open the Joint Commission (JCAHO) web site ( and click on any of the 8 boxes across the top of the JCAHO web page starting with "Accreditation Programs" and ending with "About Us."
• Describe four (4) items you found under this category.
• What three (3) things did you learn about this category?
• How will knowing this information influence your future health career?
Points Possible: 10
• Describe 4 items from the category = 4 points
• 3 things you learned about the category = 3 points
• How this knowledge will influence your career = 3 points

Source: LTC Healthcore

Health Care Team

The following PDF describes the different members of the health care team and what their roles are. After looking at the PDF please do the Career Discussion Assignment


Source: LTC Healthcore

Lesson 1 Assignment 3 - Career Discussion

The Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains information about many careers in the United States. Open the link below that best matches your program of study and read the material provided.

• Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics
• Certified Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aid
• Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse
• Medical Assistant

post answer to these questions:
• How well do the working conditions described suit your job preferences?
• What is the job outlook for this job?
• What aspects of the job will be a good match for your skills and abilities?
• What aspects of the job will you find challenging?
• In what areas might you need additional training or study to be successful in the job?
Possible Points: 10
Each bulleted point = 2 points

Source: LTC Healthcore