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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Author: Bryon Karamchandani

Health Framework for California Public Schools
High School
Expectation 1: Students will demonstrate ways in which they can enhance and maintain their health and well-being.
Food choices: Making healthy food choices in a variety of settings :
■ Establishing and maintaining healthy eating practices, including developing and using a personal nutrition plan based on food choices and calorie levels that promotes health and reduces risk of disease
■ Analyzing how food choices are influenced, including how a busy schedule influences food choices
■ Selecting appropriate practices to maintain, lose, or gain weight

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What do you like to eat?

Source: Magazine, Shakewell. “We Want You!” Shakewell Magazine - Australian Based Street Magazine,


What does it mean to be a Vegetarian?

There are many reasons why some people choose vegetarian diet:

A vegetarian diet can be healthier than other diets.

Some people think it's wrong to use animals for food.

Some religions forbid eating meat.

A vegetarian diet can cost less than a diet that includes meat.

Eating less meat can be better for the environment, because most meat is commercially farmed.

Some people don't like the taste of meat.


This is just a little video to introduce the term "vegan".

Source: “BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO VEGANISM » How to Go Vegan.” YouTube, YouTube, 25 May 2017,


I have Provided this question in your Google Classroom. 

You are to answer in at least one paragraph. 

Use an example from the resources I have provided on this page.

 Include one image in your paper as well.


What are you, an Omnivore, Vegetarian (any form), or Vegan? Why is this? Would you be willing to change diets for a week to experience something new. What is one negative thing about the way you eat? (Example vegans sometimes don"t get enough B vitamins.)

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