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Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks

Author: Lacey Douglas-Allen

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Standard 1: Essential Concepts

1.1.N Name a variety of healthy foods and explain why they are necessary for good health.

1.2.N Identify a variety of healthy snacks.

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Why do we need a well balanced diet?

To be ready to learn and to achieve their fullest potential,

 children need to be well nourished and healthy.

 For that reason they must have an adequate supply

of healthy foods and the knowledge and skills required

 to make wise food choices. Effective nutrition education

 provides children and their families with information

on gaining access to adequate food sources, including

 the range of school nutrition programs available.

Benefits from eating healthy

Why is an apple better for your health over a bag of potato chips? Apples are rich in fiber and can reduce risks of heart disease and diabetes. a bag of chips are rich in fat and sodium, and can clog our arteries and cause heart disease and diabetes. Make the healthy choice!

No access to a healthy snack?

Healthy Fast Food Options

Everyone is busy everyday with their daily routines. Sometimes, we do not have access to the option of eating healthy. Fast food chains do offer a healthier option on their menu. It is necessary to take the time to research certain fast food chains and review their menu choices to select the best option for our health.

Healthy Choices

Healthy Living!

This site can give you dozens of ways to live a healthier lifestyle. We must make healthy decisions in life to reduce health risks, live a longer life, and feel great!

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