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Author: Miguel Ramirez

Videos to Support the activity: Trigonometric Functions in my Heart

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The Heart and Circulatory System - How They Work, By Mayo Clinic

Source: Mayo Clinic at YouTube:

ECG - Electrocardiogram, by HeartWest

Source: HeartWest at YouTube:

What is an EKG? by Henry Ford Allegiance Health

Source: Henry Ford Allegiance Health at YouTube:

Cardiac Conduction System and Understanding ECG, Animation by Alila Medical Media

Source: Alila Medical Media at YouTube:

ECG Flatline sound, by apere431

Source: apere431 at YouTube:

Pulse Oximetry NEJM by sothea bo

Source: sothea bo at

"Interpreting Arterial Pressure Waveforms" by Jim DiNardo, MD, FAAP for OPENPediatrics

Source: OPENPediatrics at YouTube:

Cardio Pulse Wave Analyzer Introduction, by Eric Glenn

Source: Eric Glenn at YouTube:

What is Pulse Pressure ?, by MAX L

Fourier Series Animation (Square Wave), by Brek Martin

Source: Brek Martin at YouTube:

Fourier Series Square Wave, by GLV

Additive Synthesis (Square, Sawtooth, and Triangle Waves) by QuantumKiwi

Source: QuantumKiwi at YouTube:

So You Want to Become a Biomedical Engineer | IEEEx on edX | Course About Video, by Edx

Natalia Trayanova — Pioneering Cardiovascular Engineering, by Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering

Source: Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering at YouTube:

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