Heat and Temperature

Heat and Temperature

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets:

  1. I can define temperature and heat and distinguish between them.
  2. I can describe the three temperature scales.
  3. I can convert between Celcius and Fahrenheit temperatures.
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Video - Eureka Questions

After viewing the following three Eureka videos, answer these questions. Be sure to give thoughtful, concise answers using full sentences. This will be turned in along with all Checkpoint documents.

Full Screen

Eureka - Measuring Temperature

View and take notes as necessary.

Eureka - Temperature vs. Heat

View this video taking notes as necessary.

Eureka - Heat as Energy

Watch video taking notes as necessary.

Section Reading Questions

Complete these questions as you read through 3-1 and 3-1.

Full Screen

Reading #1 - Section 3-1 Temperature

Read the following. Be prepared to answer a review worksheet regarding content.

Full Screen

Source: Lab-aids.com

Section 3-1 Temperature Power Point

Print and view power point simultaneously as you read section 3-1 in text.

Source: LabAids

Reading #2 - Section 3-2 Heat

Read the first four pages of the following document (pages 79-82). Be prepared to answer review questions.

Full Screen

Source: Lab-aids.com

Section 3-2 Heat Energy Power Point

Print and view simultaneously with reading section 3-2.

Source: LabAids

Converting Fahrenheit to Celcius - KhanAcademy

Watch the video and do the following conversions:

1. 72 degrees F = __ degrees C (room temperature)
2. 98 degrees F = __ degrees C (human body temperature)
3. 32 degrees F = __ degrees C (freezing point of water temperature)

Be prepared to turn these in with your other documents from this packet.

Source: KhanAcademy

Checkpoint - Heat and Temperature

Complete the assignment. Be thoughtful and complete with your answers.

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