3 Tutorials that teach Hedonic and Idealist Utilitarianism
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Hedonic and Idealist Utilitarianism

Hedonic and Idealist Utilitarianism

Author: Megan Welle

Identify the different ways to interpret the utility principle along the axis of Hedonic and Idealist Utilitarianism

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Notes on "Hedonic and Idealist Utilitarianism"


(00:00 - 00:24) Introduction

(00:25 – 01:10) Similarities and Definitions

(01:11 – 01:45) What is hedonic utilitarianism?

(01:46 – 02:41) What is idealist utilitarianism?

(02:42 – 03:52) Ethics in Action: Comparing Pleasures

(03:52 – 04:51) Summary