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Evolution and Adoption of Health Information Systems

For this assignment, you are asked to perform the following tasks:
1. Describe the evolution of healthcare information technology by identifying key technological advancements in each decade, beginning with the 1960s, that had a direct impact on healthcare administrative and clinical functions.
2. Which decade do you feel was most significantly related to advances in health information systems? Please discuss.
3. Based on your own personal views, which specific law or act had the most significant advances for health information systems. Please discuss.
4. Discuss what the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is and its significance to health information technology.
Your response should be at least three pages in length.
You are required to utilize your textbook and peer-reviewed journal articles from the CSU Online Library to complete this assignment. Make sure that you support any claims with proper sources, and appropriately cite your sources in APA format. 

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