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Help Me With My Homework

Help Me With My Homework

Author: Cody Sartony

Steps to Writing a Paper on Haiti Cholera Outbreak

For steps to writing a paper on Haiti cholera outbreak, state this can turn out to be a fatal diarrheal disease, because it can elicits secretion of large quantities of bacteria laden fluid from the intestine, causing extreme dehydration. If the food or water supply is contaminated, then this disease can spread very rapidly through the population.
The Cholera outbreak occurred after a very powerful earthquake which devastated the country on 12th January 2010. This epidemic instantly killed 3,333 people and affected many hundreds thousands more who had to be hospitalized.
The Cholera outbreak began in late October 2010, in a rural area of Haiti, some 62 miles north of the capital, Port Au Prince. By late January it resulted in the death of more than 4000, and an additional 118,000 have been hospitalized. Within 10 weeks of the outbreak of the epidemic, it had spread to all the 10 provinces of Haiti.
More steps to writing a research paper for help me with my homework on Haiti cholera outbreak would include you to state that people who lost everything in the devastating earthquake, have been living in very crowded and unsanitary conditions, without clean drinking water or proper sanitation, making them vulnerable to infection. 

Cholera is very treatable with IV fluids, dehydration therapies and antibiotics. Treatment and clean drinking water and livable sanitary conditions will prevent deaths due to this disease. International agencies have rushed supplies and have started a massive community education program for the masses.

To control the epidemic, health workers are spreading throughout the area, distributing oral dehydration salts and soaps, and to instruct people to drink only clean or purified water and to wash their hands frequently, the two main factors in preventing the spread of the disease.
Next for steps to writing a paper on Haiti cholera outbreak, add Grande Anse, which is one of the province of Haiti suffering the highest cholera deaths, has adopted different life saving strategies. This entails setting up oral hydration points in the worst affected and close to the worst affected areas. Grand Anse is quite isolated with poor or no roads, and a widely dispersed population, because of which people were dying because they were arriving too late to be treated.
Reports indicated violence linked to cholera, so the next step was to spread public awareness to come to community based health posts, which provided help to people before they became too severe.  People were getting scared and were avoiding those who had cholera, instead of helping them. Prevention also included disinfecting homes where people had been sick.
Steps to writing a term paper on Haiti cholera outbreak include talking about collaboration with international organizations, foreign governments and non-governmental organizations, who through collective efforts are finding ways to work together.

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