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Helpful hints on English assignments (Annotations, Dialectical Journals, and Presentations)

Helpful hints on English assignments (Annotations, Dialectical Journals, and Presentations)

Author: Jeff Dietz

To aide students in the learning, or relearning of a few key parts of any English or Literature class, that are either expected to already be known, or need to be remembered. Helpful with summer projects and etc.

These videos lay out the processes of creating and enacting these simple, yet critical parts of English classes.

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How to Properly Annotate

This video covers all the helpful hints and techniques to annotate. It also list and provides examples of certain things to make sure you note.

How to Properly (and Improperly) Create and Deliver Presentations

This video gives out some helpful guidelines for whenever you are creating a powerpoint or prezi, and also how to present it. Also to keep it fun, we provided some examples of what not to do!

How to Properly Create a Dialectical Journal

This video delineates the proper planning, creation, and finalization of a dialectical journal