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You will research a hero and produce a writing piece that includes a title, topic sentence, sequence words, facts, and conclusion. 


You will be given your own computer where you will begin by choosing a Hero from a list of options to research. Then you will research important facts and details about your hero using Padlet. You will fill out a WSQ to tell me about interesting information you read about during your research. You will then watch a YouTube video about how you should fill out a Tree Map. You will fill out your own tree map, which will help you with your writing. You will then create a Glog about your hero, which will contain your writing piece and images of your hero. Once you have completed your glog, you will take a short quiz.



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Ready to make a glog about a hero? Today you will get the chance to choose your hero, research about them, and write interesting facts and details about them into a glog. Follow the steps below to get started.


1. Choose a Hero from the list below and click on the link to their website.

Abraham Lincoln

Louis Pasteur

Sitting Bull

George Washington Carver

Marie Curie

Albert Einstein

Jackie Robinson

Sally Ride



2. Begin researching the website and look for interesting information about your hero.

3. Follow this link to Padlet and begin building a wall with interesting facts and details that you find about your hero. This wall will help you keep everything organized.

4. Fill out this WSQ form after you finish building your Padlet wall.


5. Watch this YouTube video below on how to fill out a tree map graphic organizer. This will help you learn how and where to write your title, topic sentence, sequence words, details, facts and your conclusion.


Tree Map Video


6. Click on this link to see a tree map. Make a copy of it and fill it in with facts and details from your Hero Padlet wall.

7. After you finish your tree map follow this link to create a glogster about your hero. Use your tree map to help you create a writing piece that will be included on your glog.

You should have the following things on your glog:

pictures of your hero
a link of the website you got your research from
your hero writing piece

8. After you are done with your glog take the short quiz located on the right side of this page.

Turn in your work here!